Peter Lieber, Enterprise Architecture Enthusias and ECOMAI Austrian country coordinator, presenting at the conference.

This well-attended forum highlighted some of the most exciting topics for our global community and economy, including hydrogen technologies, energy, renewables, and environmental issues. The program also featured an exclusive ministerial session with ministers and representatives from OPEC countries and official institutions in the energy and resources sector. Additionally, there were workshops focusing on the general economic landscape, especially in future projects in green energy and investment opportunities.

Peter Lieber, from the Austrian ECOMAI country coordinator of Sparx Systems CE, was invited to present and participate in the workshop to introduce the ECOMAI approach to Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Maintenance. It includes two main components that are practical for large organizations and adoptable for SMEs as well. First, ECOMAI delivers a specialized Edge AI Hardware Platform that operates under low power. Secondly, the model-based approach to designing an AI-enhanced drive system provides a holistic and energy-friendly architecture of systems and is captured in a specific framework for the engineering process. The practicability is tested in real-life use cases, covering industries such as automotive/mobility and medical healthcare.

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