Presenting our ECOMAI Consortium Member FEAAM GmbH: 

FEAAM is a research center specializing in electric drives and actuators. We offer expert services in fields such as traction drives, watercraft drives, aircraft drives, energy conversion, and small/special motors. We test existing concepts in their state-of-the-art labs and develop custom machines with a focus on design, calculation, optimization and analysis. Our goal is to provide high-quality solutions for our clients.

“At FEAAM, we are dedicated to driving advancements in electric drive technology and finding new ways to overcome industry challenges.

Our participation in the ECOMAI project aligns with our mission, as we work to improve the efficiency of electric motors with cutting-edge AI and hardware.

We see immense potential in this project to create positive change for the environment and various industries, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”


Embedded Systems Engineer, FEAAM GmbH