The ECOMAI project started officially on May, 1st 2022 and will last till Spring 2025. 5 Milestones will pave the exciting journey from Use Case till Validation.
The project is divided into 5 Working Packages: Management, Integration, Validation and Dissemination, Hardware & Software Architecture, AI Hardware Platform for Motor Drive and the Embedded AI Software and Development Kit.

  • Milestone 1 – October 2022: Definition of Use Cases
  • Milestone 2 – April 2023: Concept Model, Definition of Architecture, Prototyping of Hardware, ML Models, Tools and Software
  • Milestone 3 – October 2023: Evaluation of models and prototypes delivered in Milestone 1.
  • Milestone 4 – October 2024: Integration and Implementation of Hardware and Softward
  • Milestone 5 – April 2025: Validation of Implementation

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